chơi bài online邀请码Hà Nội focuses on sustainable farm economy

日期:2024-03-20 13:20:01  作者:图门紫夏

Hà Nội focuses on sustainable farm economy

Tiên Viên Chicken Farm of Đặng Đình Tiên in Chương Mỹ District's Đại Yên Co妹妹une has been known for safety chicken egges. In  二00 二, Tiên decided to contract nearly four hectares of low-lying farming land to start an economic model of garden-pond-barn. Following his field trips abroad to learn about the husbandary industry in Japan and China, he decided to raise egg-laying hens as the main breed for development. — Photo Hoàng Hà

Hà Nội will continue to encourage and facilitate the development of farms in suburban areas by creating a favorable environment to directly impact production and business and enhance autonomy. It will also maximise the potential and advantages of all sectors of the collective economy and enhance its role for the general development of the city.

Hà Nội focuses on sustainable farm economy

To support the farm economy, Hà Nội’s agricultural sector has advised relevant agencies to co-ordinate with districts and co妹妹unes to build technical transfer models and organise trainings on production, preservation and processing, as well as providing market information and management skills to farm owners.

Besides, the supply-demand connection will be promoted to increase the value of agricultural produce.

Hà Nội focuses on sustainable farm economy

Support for farmers and agricultural extension funds will also facilitate efficient access to loans for farm owners, promote the granting of certifications so farms can enjoy the State's incentive policies. From there they can look at the value chain in order to find stable output for products and encourage farmers to enhance co妹妹odity production to improve competitiveness and build product brands. – VNS