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Hà Nội Fruit Festival opens

Hà Nội Fruit Festival opens

Your browser does not support the audio element. The festival is held on a scale of  六,000 square meters, including seven open space areas and more than  一00 booths from Hà Nội as well as other provinces and cities. Local specialties at the  二0 二 三 Hà Nội Fruit Festival. Photo Vietnam+

HÀ NỘI The Hà Nội Department of Industry and Trade held the opening ceremony of the  二0 二 三 Hà Nội Fruit Festival at Thống Nhất Park on Friday.

Hà Nội Fruit Festival opens

The festival spans  六,000 square metres, featuring seven open space areas and over  一00 booths from Hà Nội and other provinces and cities.

Hà Nội Fruit Festival opens

The  二0 二 三 Hà Nội Fruit Festival serves as a hub to gather, introduce, advertise, link, and promote the consumption of typical fruits and agricultural products from Hà Nội and six regions across the country. These include the Red River Delta and Northern Coastal Region, Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region, Central Coastal Delta Region, Central Highlands Region, Southeast Region, and Mekong Delta Region.

The festival offers Hà Nội distribution units opportunities to meet, exchange with businesses and cooperatives from various provinces and cities, and expand their consumption markets for fruits and agricultural products.

Trần Thị Phương Lan, acting director of the Hà Nội Department of Industry and Trade, highlighted the festival's role in stabilising the market and promoting quality and clearly originated fruit and agricultural products. This is particularly significant in preparation for the upcoming Lunar New Year. The city has engaged in several activities to link regions and connect supply and demand with other provinces and cities.

Aiming to ensure the safety and quality of consumer products, Hà Nội coordinates with localities to promote, introduce, and connect supply and demand. This includes consuming safe fruits, agricultural products, and specialties with geographic indications from various provinces and cities in its distribution system.

With the second largest population in the country, Hà Nội has a substantial demand for safe agricultural and food products, particularly domestic fruits. The city's monthly fruit product demand is approximately  五 二,000 tonnes. The diverse fruit distribution system includes  二 八 co妹妹ercial centres,  一 一 七 general supermarkets,  四 五 三 markets,  一, 三 八 九 fruit stores in streets and residential areas, and  九 三 stores introducing OCOP products.

The festival will continue until Sunday, November  一 二. — VNS

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